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Jonathan's Mountain Bike Training Program

I am proud to introduce my mountain bike training and fitness program!

Update: Added My Wix site for the training program

What do you think of my flyer?
Please feel free to reach out to me and let me know if you are interested in learning to mountain bike or improve your race times!  All skill levels welcome!

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CJ on 1920s bike

Solar Eclipse 2017

The solar eclipse just happened and it has me feeling cosmic and appreciative of our wondrous universe. It makes me feel pretty small and realize that most of my concerns are really trivial.

I was amazed at how the quality of light changed and how the crickets began to chirp.  Not to mention the crescent-shaped lights on the ground beneath the trees.  We had a colander out viewing crescents on the patio because we had no solar glasses.  Briefly, a cloud covered the sun and we looked up for a few seconds at the eclipse.  Then some neighbors let us borrow their glasses.  They are neighbors who for some reason we have never even spoken to, but people realize this is a rare event, so it makes us more human, more kind.
This is an amazing time to be alive, with my daughter just turning 1 year old and now this truly inspiring event of nature. One can't help but feel gratitude and a sense of contentment.

One of my favorite Carl Sagan quotes:
“The surface of the Earth is the shore of the c…

Dawson Forest WMA Recon! #mtb #mountainbiking

Last week's adventure was up in Dawson Forest, the site of the Georgia Nuclear Aircraft Laboratory. They have about 20 miles of trails up there that are singletrack and doubletrack.  Renee and I took our bikes and loaded up the trail map using MTB Project.  It was a really hot day and we went in the early afternoon, so it was scorching.   I will say that the place, given its history, has a weird vibe. They could've filmed an X-files episode here. Also, a woman was also abducted and murdered out there. Yikes!
Renee decided to go on foot and leave the bike behind so I went ahead on recon on the Red trail. It was wide-open powerline riding for about a half-mile then Renee decided to turn around because it was too exposed.  The sun was beating down on us so we headed back to the parking lot and did the Orange trail, heading west.  It was a good sustained climb out and plenty of equestrian "evidence" was about.  Trail treasures?  Jungle-like conditions and trails were mud…

Return to Pine Log WMA for some sweet jeeproad MTB

I have finally ventured back out to Pine Log WMA after about 6 years away and getting horribly lost and dehydrated my last time out. It's funny what 6 years of biking will do for your confidence and skill development!
Today was the 2nd official group ride for HPEDXC, the name I've given my work cycling club.  I like that the name has Ped(Pedal) and XC(Cross-country). We were originally going to Blanket's Creek but it was closed due to wet conditions. Tom showed up but had a flat tire after about 4 miles so he had to hike it out. I kept on and did 2 clockwise loops on Grassy Hollow Rd, which I dubbed the Circle of Doom route. Not sure why, just like the sound of it.  This is a great place to work on climbing and get some mileage in and is frankly a refreshing break from the local trail systems.
It was a relatively cool start at 9:15 and immediately we were greeted with uphill climbs.  I decided to do all jeep-road on this ride and save the singletrack exploration for anothe…

Training update - PR week!

Despite a nagging right knee injury since February, I have set 2 PRs this week that I am pretty excited about.  1st was a local running route where I placed 3rd overall on Strava.  I am determined to get the KOM for this segment, which is on a fairly rolly section of road.
Link here;

One of my favorite local mountain biking trails is Van Michael at Blanket's Creek.  It is always tough and features a lot of good climbs. Van Michael is nearly always an anaerobic workout!.  Wednesday I rode the clockwise direction and set a PR of 18:56, which I believe was nearly a minute off of my previous time. Frankly, I thought my days of setting PRs were over since Kit got here and I haven't been able to train much over the past year. What training I have been able to get in was mostly Maffetone (MAF), which I believe has helped my overall cardio base fit.
Link here:

Regardless, I am in better shape tha…